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Abhilasha Research Centre for Special needs Children Society (aka Abhilasha) is a non-profit organization which runs a School for Children with Special Needs. It is a Special School cum Rehabilitation Centre that is committed to professional excellence within a family-centered, collaborative atmosphere built on a foundation of dignity, respect and integrity.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality education and therapeutic programming available to the children with multiple disabilities. We want to help children with special needs maximize their potential by providing effective therapy programs that increase independence, develop and enhance functional skills, and accelerate progress.

Our objective is to help children with special needs learn the self-help skills that are so necessary to help them become as independent as possible. We at Abhilasha are a group of professionals who are committed to design and deliver highly individualized training for children and also provide parents with the necessary tools to help children with multiple disabilities.

Abhilasha supports parents to better understand their children’s needs, abilities and in their quest to find the best learning environment. We are committed to empower parents to recognize and become better advocates for their children with disabilities.

Parents are provided emotional and physical support every step of their way and get educated in ways to enable their child’s success. Abhilasha will also help parents to get connected with any available community resources that can support both parent and children. Abhilasha commitment is to provide experienced and professional therapists who are committed to their work and demonstrate dedication to each family they serve.

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