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Abhilasha Research Centre for Special needs Children Society (aka Abhilasha) is a non-profit organization founded by Ms. Himabindu (Bindu) and Dr. Mahanandeeshwar (Nandu) Gattu. Nandu and Bindu are parents of a special child Abhinand Gattu who was born with multiple disabilities. Dr. Nandu is a physician by training and received his PhD in Neuropharmacology from Medical College of Georgia, USA. Ms. Bindu received her Bachelor degree in Medical Technology from Medical College of Georgia, USA and subsequently obtained M.Sc in Applied Pyschology and B.Ed in Special Education. The couple has spent more than 18 years of their life in USA and returned to India to spend their rest of life and contribute to the society in the area of special education.

Abhilasha is a reflection and commitment of Nandu and Bindu to provide the better services of special education and therapeutic services. Abhinand Gattu is the sole inspiration for Nandu and Bindu to start the Abhilasha and to establish a rehabilitation center cum school to provide a place where children can learn in an environment that is both pleasant and stimulating. It is Abhinand who has provided an opportunity for Nandu and Bindu to learn more about all aspects of disability and special education. They want all the children either abled or not to have the same opportunities as any other member of the community….to live, love and achieve whatever their heart desires.

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