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If you

Are a Parent or Caretaker of a child who has special needs?

Are struggling with being a Parent and a Spouse?

Are you a caretaker of a relative or loved one including wife or husband?

Abhilasha Centre offers help to adult parents and caretakers with a variety of issues from child disability, stress, low self-esteem, family, relationship issues and more. Short or long-term counseling is offered.

How can counseling help me?

When an individual is going through a stressful or emotional time he/she needs to talk to a counselor or psychologist. Counseling can be a great source of help around the time of a special child’s diagnosis, transition time and when the child gets older. When things get overwhelmed and it feels hard to tell friends or relatives, counseling can give them an opportunity to be really listened to and deeply understood.

The needs of a special person are often so great and overwhelming that parents don’t allow time for themselves. Caretakers have little time to think of themselves while caring for special needs children or a disabled, sick and dependent relative. Often when the cared for person is being well looked after by professionals, but the care taker may feel they need to talk to someone.

Seeing a counsellor can often be one of the most effective ways of helping themselves. Exploring the thoughts and feelings this situation brings up will help to find more clarity and peace. This in turn makes people more creative and effective helpers. Feeling really listened to can help relieve stress and move towards feeling more able to think about their priorities, decisions and choices.

Having a special person in one’s life is a unique and deeply challenging experience. It confronts with a wide variety of issues. Every situation will be very different and individual and probably very demanding. Support from a counsellor can make all the difference in how well they handle their situation.

A counsellor is an outside professional who can help with:

Understanding people’s emotions and frustrations.

Shows inside strength to cope and keeps hope alive.

Accepts persons with all the different thoughts and feelings who are raising a special person.

Accepting your child or adult with all their different behaviours.

Exploring ways to care for themselves and other family members, especially siblings.

Seeing things from a different perspective and being non-judgemental.

Help finding practical solutions and moving forward in their own ways.

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