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Who we are?

Abhilasha Research Centre for Special needs Children Society (aka Abhilasha) is a non-profit organization which runs a School fo.........

Why Abhilasha?

WHY CHOOSE ABHILASHA? School founded by parents of special needs ch.......

Programs Offered

At Abhilasha School we honor and value the abilities of each person. We are committed to excellence and integrity ......

Early Intervention

WHAT IS EARLY INTERVENTION? Abhilasha Special School and Rehabilitation Centre runs ........

Therapeutic Services

Our purpose is to evaluate and provide school based therapy support services and recreati........

Special Education

Special education services pick up where early intervention services leave off, at age 3.The focus of special education........

Assistive Technology

What is Assistive Technology? Assistive technology is the technology which hel........

Parents Corner

About Disabilities Disability & Assumptions Tips for Parents Legislation (Know Disability Ri........

Gallery & Media

The following pages give an insight into Abhilasha’s activities through pictures and media coverage.

Support Us

If you: You may support Abhilasha either financially or in kind in one or more of the following ways: Donations The s......

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