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If you:

You may support Abhilasha either financially or in kind in one or more of the following ways:


The school can expand and take more students if honorable members of our society such as you take up the responsibility of putting a smile on the faces of these special children by providing donations.

There is no direct benefit (although tax benefit is available) to you except the satisfaction and joy of sharing your money for this good cause. It is probably the greatest satisfaction you can have. You have this extraordinary opportunity to contribute toa child’s life. Come and share your joy of being alive with everyone. You may provide the financial support to in any one of the following causes:

  • Donate for Corpus fund

  • Donate for medical equipment

  • Donate for stationary items (Books, finger paints etc.,)

  • Sponsor a child

  • Sponsor a special education teacher

  • Sponsor a therapist

  • Sponsor a teacher assistant

  • Purchase playground equipment

  • Purchase play equipment

  • Building of residential facility


The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Teach children

Talent sharing (Art, music)

Helping the teacher

Provide assistance at therapy session

Participate in promotional activities of Abhilasha

Educate people and professional about Abhilasha

Participate in fund raising activity

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