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At Abhilasha School we honor and value the abilities of each person. We are committed to excellence and integrity in the services we provide and in all that we do. The following are some of the services available at Abhilasha:

Parent Training & Support: The parents are provided hands on training on taking care of a child with disability at home along with free counseling.

Academic Services: We offer a variety of services designed to support the overall development of the child. They include:

Early Intervention (0-3 Years)

Early childhood special Education (3-5 years)

Special Education (5-14 years)

Therapeutic Services: We offer following therapy services from professionals in the field. They include:

Speech and Language Therapy- The therapists work on communication skills.

Physical Therapy- The therapists help children learn better ways to move and balance.

Occupational Therapy- The therapists work on better ways to use the arms, hands, and upper body.

Sensory integration: It is practiced by occupational therapists, which use play activities in children with sensory difficulties to change how their brain reacts to touch, sound, sight and movement.

Behaviour modification therapy- Behavior therapy is set up by the psychologist to change a particular behavior pattern.

Assistive Technology Services: Assistive technology is the technology which helps an individual with an impairment to perform tasks that are difficult to perform in daily life.

Counseling: A psychologist helps people to deal with the personal, social, and vocational effects of disabilities.

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