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What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is the technology which helps an individual with an impairment to perform tasks that are difficult to perform in daily life. That means, assistive technology compensates for disabilities so that the persons with disabilities function as normally as possible.

Assistive technology can be used in the form of modification that substitutes or enhances the function of some physical or mental ability that is impaired in people with disabilities. These assistive devices range from low tech (pencil grippers, adoptive spoons) to high tech (Wheel chairs & computers). They can be anything from homemade, readily manufactured and modified that help an individual perform some task of daily living with ease.

How does Abhilasha play a role in development of Assistive technology devices?

in the school setting, sometimes it is necessary to make accommodations for individuals with disabilities in order to compensate for skills or abilities that they do not have.Adaptation is development of unique methods or mechanical devices to assist persons with disabilities to perform daily tasks. Abhilasha has a wide range of Assistive devices that the students with disabilities can have the opportunity to use. The efficient and effective use of assistive technology can be a basic skill for students with disabilities as reading, writing and math.

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